AWANA Theme Nights

  • 4/5/17  F.R.O.G Night

    Fully Rely On God.   Dress up in green.

  • 1/25/17  Camo Night

    Dress in camouflage

  • 1/11/17  Trauma Night

    Come to Awana in bandages

  • 12/7/16  AWANA Store Night

    Kids spend their hard earned Awana bucks

  • 5/24/17  Awards Ceremony

    Bring your parents to the awesome Awards night.

  • 3/8/17  Crazy Hat Night

    Wear a crazy hat.

  • 2/8/1 Hearts Night

    Dress up in heart, red, pink and white

  • 2/1/17 Soup-er Bowl Night

    Wear your favorite NFL team clothes to Awana and bring a can of soup for the needy.

  • 1/18/17  Wack-Tacky Night

    Wear Mismatched clothes

  • 5/3/17  Career Night

    What do you want to be be when you grow up?  Dress like it.

  • 4/19/17  Luau Night

    Dress in your favorite Hawaiian apparel

  • 3/15/17  NO AWANA

    Spring Break

  • 11/23/16   NO AWANA

    Thanksgiving Break

  • 11/30/16  Inside Out Night

    Wear your clothes inside out.

  • 12/14/16  Birthday Night

    Celebrate Jesus' Birthday at Awana dinner time

  • 11/9/16  Pirate Night

    ARRRR!!  Dress as a pirate.

  • 11/2/16  Jammies for Jesus

    Wear your comfy PJs to Awana

  • 12/21/16   NO AWANA

    Christmas Break

  • 1/4/17  Silly Sock Night

    Wear the silliest socks you can find to Awana.

  • 12/28/16  NO AWANA

    Christmas Break

  • 2/22/17  Superhero Night

    Dress like your favorite superhero

  • 2/15/17  Measles Night

    Put red dots on your face

  • 3/1/17  Backwards Night

    Wear your clothes backwards

  • 11/16/16  Wear Fake Mustache                    T&T Girls VIP

    Wear a funny mustache                                                            Girl T&T bring parents to Awana

  • 4/26/17  Goofy Glasses Night

    Wear goofy glasses

  • 4/12/17 Home Run Night

    Dress up as your favorite baseball team

  • 3/22/17  March Madness

    Wear your favorite Basketball attire

  • 5/17/17  AWANA Store

    Kids spend their hard earned Awana bucks

  • 5/10/17  Ice Cream Night

    Eat Ice Cream at dinner

  • 3/29/17  Beach Night

    Dress like you are going to the beach.                                   AWANA GRAND PRIX CARS GO ON SALE!!!! $5

  • 10/26/16 Trunk or Treat Night  

    We will have Awana night like normal, but during game time, kids will go around to the cars lined up around our parking lot for candy and some fun games.