Catalyst youth ministry

  • Catalyst Youth Ministry reaches out to any and all students from 7th - 12th grade that want to encounter Christ and form lasting relationships. 
  • We have a wonderful cafe that is open every Wednesday evening. 
  • We also have an indoor basket ball court, 9 square in the air, ping-pong table, 3 pool tables, foosball and great Christian music. 
  • Doors open at 5:30 every Wednesday night.
  • Wednesday evening activities are over at 8:00 p.m. 

Our Current series

If we really stop and pay attention, it’s easy to see how nearly everything and everyone around us has the potential to have an effect on us. And if that’s true, then that means your students have the potential to have an effect on the world around them, too. From family to classmates to neighbors, every student in your ministry has an effect on somebody around them. In other words, they have influence, and what they do with that influence matters. In this series, we’ll challenge students to pay attention to their “you effect,” encouraging them to use their influence to improve and impact the lives of the people around them.

Current Series Graphic

Pay for events

Your student may bring money to Justin any time for events, but if you want to pay online for events, you are able to do that in the church app or at the link below.