HFC youth

HFC Youth Ministry reaches out to any and all students from 6th - 12th grade that want to encounter Christ and form lasting relationships. 

We have a wonderful cafe that is open every Wednesday evening. 

We also have an indoor basketball court, 9 square in the air, ping-pong table, 2 pool tables, foosball and great Christian music. 

Doors open at 5:30 every Wednesday night.

Wednesday evening activities are over at 8:00 p.m. 

2023 Group goals

At the start of the year, our students put forth their ideas of ways our group is strong and places we need to grow. Out of that, we arrived at three goals for 2023.


HFC Youth will strive to do more mission projects than we did in 2022. We will quietly and humbly give of our resources to meet the needs of our community.


We desire to take Jesus outside of our four walls. We will boldly carry the Gospel message with us everywhere we go, including  but not limited to our schools, our homes, and our community.


At HFC Youth, we believe that our group is our responsibility. Therefore, we take personal ownereship over this group and strive to make it a more welcoming, inclusive and inviting space for future generations.

Pay for events

Your student may bring money to Justin any time for events, but if you want to pay online for events, you are able to do that in the church app or at the link below. 

Our Current series

We are currently exegetically going through the book of 1 John. We will finish 1 John at the end of February.