Prayer Requests

Join us in praying for healing and the slowing of the spread of the coronavirus in our society. 

Additionally, pray for those who are financially impacted during this time. 

Hilltop Missions:

India - James George SANMA.

Philippines - Pastor Marvin Edrosolam -

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and Pastor Lowell-

Patrial Zion Baptist Church

Israel - Moaz Israel Ministry

Honduras - Lamont Family Missionary

Fellowship & New Life Children’s Home

Texas - Pastor Don Garner - Capitol Commission Austin.


Vincent Blanton, Kolby Little, Ashely Turner, Taylor Kemp, Cole Norman, Flint Robinson, Tyler Davies, Jake Griffin, Timothy Browning, John Hendrix, Seth Morfin, Kenny Cook, Garrett Weathers, Gabe Martinez, Dallas Whisenhunt.


Rebekka Hicks, Gail Petsik Family, Barbara Hughes family (hospice), Mary Joyce Kirk Family, Ted Martinez Family, 

Thomas Gentry Family, Henry Grimes Family, Military & First Responders, our government and President.


Austin Coehick, Holly, Brittany, Coyt & Jessica Cockburn.


Cole Jackson, Bill & TJ Mulder, Christian Huey,  Bill Mulder, Bill Mayo,  

Cathy Monroe (Stacy McDowell's mom), Don Meeks (recovering from heart surgery),  

Kevin Browning (staff infection, tumor on heart),  Chez Carslile (broken leg),

Allen Hasty (eye issues),  Lynn Gee (healing after dental surgery), Gary Windscheffel,  Sawyer Family,

Shirley Garrett, Paula Brown, Bill & Cathy Mays.


Leroy Horton, Jeff Bogan, Eddy Blanks, Linda Gonzales, Barbara Gee, Jim Rae, Irma Scott, Donna Garrett, Dick Murry, Terry Tidwell, Carol Burkhalter, Melton Harms,  Tony Pearson, Renee Starr, Dollie Isaacson, Kenneth Oliver, Eddie Ford, Sheena Wilson, Lauren Haidusek, Lee Ann Woody, Vicki Snyder, Carl Pits, Roy Triggs, John Shannon, Jenna Martinez (Elden's niece), 

Matt James (Tim's brother), Janelle Bicknell, Ruth Thomas.


Join us in praising God for the ability to continue to meet digitally as a church!